About Us

Professionally driven, with the passion, energy and knowledge to deliver superior solutions to our Clients.

For over 20 years Nyeleti Consulting has continued to grow and thrive – constantly pushing the boundaries through innovation and award-winning performance while remaining true to our founding principle that the customer always comes first.

We continue to be a team of tier one professionals ready to deliver quality professional services. Our fundamental approach is to add value to the business and projects of our clients by assisting them throughout the project life-cycle.


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Formed on 1 August 1999, Nyeleti Consulting is a majority black owned civil engineering consultancy, operating in the Built Environment industry and specializing in structural engineering, municipal infrastructure, roads and transportation, whilst also providing services in the fields of forensic engineering, project and construction management. Nyeleti, meaning star, symbolizes the aspiration of the firm to deliver excellent services to its clients. In line with this commitment to deliver an excellent service the following slogan has been adopted: 


As a medium sized, B-BBEE Level 1 contributing 100% South African owned, multi-disciplinary engineering company operating within the Built Environment Industry, we have played an important role in the development of South Africa’s infrastructure, by enhancing innovation, technologies, and construction improvements to meet our vast range of clients’ complex project challenges. We are a business committed to research and development, continually sourcing and innovating smarter technologies and designs to bring world class solutions to our customers. This service excellence, combined with a total commitment to client relationships, continues to set Nyeleti apart from our competitors.

Achieving our mission involves a commitment to the following:


Our objective is the creation of value for all stakeholders. We attach great importance to sustainable development at an economic, ecological and social level. Nyeleti promotes sustainable responses to the technological, environmental, socioeconomic and cultural issues affecting building and construction at the local, regional, national and global levels.


Create a sustainable business through the development of
people, accountability and excellence.


To enhance our status as being a leading African Infrastructure Development Company.


Empowering people to push the envelope of success. This is built on a foundation of mutual respect, dedication and diligence.

We look to promote education and training, sustainable community development and improvements in local infrastructure by upholding our longstanding commitment to the communities around which we operate in. In maintaining a multi-disciplinary
approach to our services through our extensive network of specialist partner firms and sub-consultants, we at Nyeleti, pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with a professional, approachable and flexible ‘One-Stop_Shop’ service. We leverage our experiences and technical knowledge to put your business first.

Our success comes from our ability to listen to our clients, understand their needs and aspirations and provide imaginative, commercially viable advice and project support – a strategy with a proven record of success. Our passion for the industry enables us to have a unique ability to deliver projects that meet the increasingly challenging standards expected by government and the private sector alike.