Core Values

Integrity, equality, quality and responsibility form the four cornerstones of our business.

Integrity, equality, quality and responsibility form the four cornerstones of our business. Living these values as part of the Nyeleti DNA, will ensure excellence and continued success for our people, our company and our clients. At Nyeleti we strive to be excellent in all we do. To achieve this vision, we therefore commit to uphold the following core values as the cornerstones of our business:


Doing what we say, and always acting in good faith, thus building trust amongst colleagues, clients and stakeholders


Taking ownership of, and being accountable for our actions and mistakes


Providing service of the highest professional standards


Acknowledging the rights of others and providing equal opportunity to all


Nyeleti Consulting is immensely proud of our heritage and achievements as a company, with innovation and passion for what we do at the very core of our business. In Nyeleti, our customers have a reliable, trusted and long-standing industry partner that is focused on delivering a quality solution to meet their needs. Nyeleti has continuously responded to changing market needs by improving on our ongoing research and development into sustainable infrastructure development needs, and by bringing together the best technologies and products from around the world – enabling us to maintain our market leadership through the decades.

We understand the importance of cultural heritage and have consistently shown an approach that is sensitive and respectful to cultural heritage considerations. We use client and stakeholder engagement and take relevant advice into account to ensure that our staff remain respectful of all cultural heritage project agreements and legislation requirements. Although we have a team brimming with experience and history, we do not remain complacent and continually look to update our skills to provide an enhanced service experience for our clients. Our team regularly participates in professional development courses and training to maintain and update their skills and continue to provide high quality, relevant services.


At Nyeleti, our commitment to people is embedded in our culture. Throughout the company’s history spanning over 2-decades, we have watched many of our staff move through the ranks as long-term personnel. With a commitment to building an inspiring workplace, we seek to foster an environment where all ideas are welcome and where staff are continually encouraged to learn and develop. Our company philosophy centres on community and communication, with a focus on developing long-term partnerships created from a foundation of understanding and effective solutions. We actively seek to provide our clients with the best possible choices, collaborating regularly with our staff, specialist consultants and local government authorities. We aim to make the consultation process as seamless as possible and are proud to have a team that is passionate and strives for excellence in all they do. Whether it’s through our staff, our clients or the community, we take great pride in understanding and participating in the communities we live and work in.

Our successful record attests to our achievements of our corporate goals and the high level of professional service provided to our clients. Our achievements are driven by our experienced leaders and highly talented people in our company. The way that we care for, develop and encourage our people is an important part of each of our cultures. Our approach to delivering projects is complementary and this means that we are able to put together the best people to form a tailored project team to deliver any project.


Using our local knowledge and experience, our aim is to provide you with a personal, professional, practical service experience. As a multi-disciplinary engineering practice, we provide a complete solution-based service for all of your enquiries, providing the best advice from our own staff or indirectly through the assistance of our trusted network of specialist practitioners. We take the time to sit down with you to fully understand your requirements without using ambiguous technical jargon. We make your business our business, and are constantly pushing to update and implement cost effective and efficient solutions to get the best results for your project.

Our multi-disciplined team of experienced engineers and educators allows us to draw upon a wide range of expertise. We deliver tailor made solutions for all state, local and private projects. This enables us to minimise overheads and maximise productivity to suit our client’s requirements.

Dedicated professional team
Proven track records and traceable references
Progressive approach to technology
Our focus and drive to achieve results that add value