Corporate Structure


From left to right

Francois le Roux

BSc (Hons) (Appl Sci) (Geotechnics), Pr Tech Eng: Specializes in materials, pavement design, road rehabilitation and construction management

Gengan Govender

BSc (Hons) (Water Resources); BTech (Structures & Civil) Pr Tech Eng: Specializes in structural design, construction and quality management.

Rajan Padavattan

BSc (Hons) (Transportation), Pr Tech Eng: Specializes in pavement design, road rehabilitation and construction management.

Abe Thela

BSc Eng (Civil): Professional Engineer with extensive experience in municipal infrastructure provision. 2014/15 President of Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) & current FIDIC Africa President

Sundran Naicker

BSc (Civil Eng): Professional Engineer specializing in transportation engineering and geometric road design. 2017 President of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) and a past chairperson of the Transportation Division of SAICE.

Stephen Humphries

BEng (Hons): Professional Engineer specializing in the design, construction, supervision, repair and rehabilitation of bridges. Stephen is a member of the Technical Committee for Bridge Bearings and Joints of Agrément SA. (Agrément is an organization that develops and promotes technical standards.).


Since its inception in 1999, Nyeleti is privileged to have been involved in many of the iconic projects that our country has implemented in the past two decades. Through these projects we have not only contributed to the sustainable transformation of the physical landscape and built environment of our country but have also contributed to changing people’s lives for the better. The quality of lives of beneficiary communities to these projects have improved manifold, livelihoods for over 250 of combined past and present employees of Nyeleti was provided and value for the company’s shareholders who are mostly black was created. The many industry accolades that Nyeleti has won in the past 23 years attest to the company’s commitment to technical excellence and the culture that places people at the centre of what the companies does.

All this would not have been possible without our Clients who continue to entrust us with the responsibility to deliver their infrastructure projects. We are humbled and grateful for choosing us as your engineering partner in infrastructure project delivery. I pledge Nyeleti’s unwavering commitment to technical excellence, business ethics as well as providing engineering solutions that enhances the environment and the quality of lives of communities.



Nyeleti, which translates to “star” reflects the ongoing aspiration to engineering excellence and poverty relief which is the corner stone of our success.

This is further reflected by our commitment to develop infrastructure that contributes to the sustainable upliftment of society at large. In this everchanging global economy, we continuously strive to remain resilient, positioning ourselves at the forefront of new business opportunities and technology. This has allowed us to expand our footprint and hone our skills establishing Nyeleti as a significant player in the construction sector.

In developing and expanding our business model we have established a company culture which is based on creating a work environment focused on technical excellence, accountability and the development of our staff while constantly reinforcing the need to consider the communities we are impacting. We believe that our staff are the secret to our success, and we are committed to developing ourselves as an employer of choice. We are thankful to our clients and strategic partners for sharing this journey with us and for their continued faith in our ability to deliver value engineered infrastructure.