Our Policies & Code of Conduct



Providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees is paramount. We take great care to ensure that all of our work practices comply with the latest relevant Health and Safety legislation, codes of practice and industry standards. Safety in Design has become a key focus of the business to ensure our professional services from concept through to completion and implementation have the highest safety considerations. We support a culture of personal responsibility, holding ourselves and each other accountable for safe and healthy behaviour.


Our commitment to sustainable practices ensures that we identify, implement and promote best practice environmental management systems and operations. We examine each of our projects individually to address and comply with statutory and regulatory obligations, community environmental standards and our clients’ needs and expectations. We work closely with our employees, contractors, suppliers, clients, the community and relevant authorities to identify and mitigate the risk of environmental hazards and implement achievable environmental initiatives. Nyeleti believes that protecting the environment is integral to sustainable development. The principles of sustainable development – value creation, sustainable environmental performance and corporate social responsibility – are integral to Nyeleti’s business strategy.


The quality and reliability of Nyeleti’s services are the foundation of the success of the organization. We aim to constantly develop and improve the business, whilst striving to continually meet and our customer, statutory and regulatory requirements. Nyeleti Consulting’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001: 2015 by an accredited quality registrar, ISOQAR. The procedures for service delivery are well documented and maintained, and strictly adhered to on all projects.


High business ethics and personal integrity in the conduct of our daily business ensure our credibility and reputation as a market leader.

All employees have a responsibility and duty to understand and actively support the quality management system and to comply with the quality policy. ality of our products for financial gain


Our Commitment to Transformation – LEVEL 1: We are committed to support the transformation aspirations of our country. This commitment is demonstrated by the organisations desire to maintain it’s status as a LEVEL 1 B-BBEE contributor. We take pride in developing young professionals to create a strong professional base. The training and development of our staff is a priority and has thus formed part of the company’s corporate culture.

In line with this aspiration, Nyeleti continually strives to maintain (and exceed where possible), the following targets:

Nyeleti is a majority black owned company. Total black shareholding is maintained at above 50% levels with total female shareholding maintained in excess of the 10% level.

Representation of black management on the Board of Directors is maintained at a minimum level of 67% at any given time.

Representation of black employment equity statistics of all employees is maintained at a minimum level of 67% at any given time.

Skills Development

Nyeleti’s aim in relation to mentorship is founded on the principles of nurturing, growing and sustaining individuals in their developing career paths by providing administrative, technical and business development support, through mentoring and coaching of these individuals, ensuring that the future leaders in business are well equipped to execute their respective roles with confidence, competence, diligence and professionalism. Nyeleti Consulting prides itself on the development of graduates and young professionals especially in relation to transformation.

The Nyeleti mentorship program has the primary objective of preparation of candidates for professional registration with various professional bodies within the industry such as the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA), The South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP), etc. The program is aimed at all members of staff who have obtained the relevant academic qualifications (BEng, BSc Eng, B Tech or N Dip) and who needs to undergo a period of practical training within the workplace in order to gain the necessary experience to enable them to successfully submit an application for professional registration.

The secondary objective of the mentorship program is to ensure Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and long-term progression of the young professionals into future leadership and management roles within their careers.

Nyeleti supports the personal development of staff members unequivocally through bursary grants as well as encouraging courses for continuous professional development.

Our approach to enterprise and supplier development is to nurture, grow and sustain SMMEs by providing technical and business development support, through mentoring and coaching.

Seconded Staff Programme

In order to show our commitment to the progressive and sustainable development of the industry, Nyeleti continuously takes on personnel from our client bodies at no cost to our client, and as a company committed to skills transfer, adopts full responsibility for their professional development.

Skills transfer is a critical element to the continued long-term success of any engagement and is an important part of our company’s delivery strategy. With this being acknowledged, Nyeleti has (as an initiative to their commitment and professional responsibility towards the industry) embarked on a drive to empower and mentor technical staff of other stakeholders, including government institutions. This is achieved through the secondment of these external personnel to our offices to work with our team on a continuous basis where practically possible. This process guides the seconded staff and gives them the “hands-on” experience which enables them to function effectively in their working environment, and subsequently register professionally with the various Built Environment professional bodies.

Supplier Devopment & Procurement

(Generalised Business Monitoring for Emerging Enterprises and Company Staff)

Our commitment to the transformation targets of Government is demonstrated by Nyeleti’s Supplier Development initiative. Apart from the technical mentorship program focussing on younger professionals registering with the Built Environment professional bodies, Nyeleti actively engages on Business Mentoring and Coaching for company staff and emerging businesses alike. This creates a sustainable business development model leading to improvements in the total added value to and from suppliers and staff, enabling them to engage in more complex works on their own.

Our approach to enterprise and supplier development is to nurture, grow and sustain SMMEs by providing technical and business development support, through mentoring and coaching. Nyeleti’s procurement strategy is focused on the usage of black owned professional services and entrepreneurs as suppliers where possible.